Robin Cues
Woodwork began to interest me at about the age of ten, we had a great workshop at home and my father was always making things from wood, so I watched him, learned and copied what he did and soon picked up the basics. Then at school woodwork was my favourite lesson and something that I could excel at, mainly due to a brilliant teacher.

In 1979 I bought a Myford ML7 lathe, not really knowing what to use it for. When I realised that the old cue I used needed a ferrule fitting, the lathe helped me to do the job perfectly and that was the beginning of Robin Cues.

I started doing ferrules, tips and repairs for friends at the snooker club. Before the end of that year, I had also made my first cue. At that time repairing and making cues was just a hobby.

Over the next few years, I became more confident with my cue making, refining my skills as I went along, there was no internet or any other help from books etc. I developed my own way of working and I am proud to say that I am totally self-taught.

In 2001, Dave Coutts contacted me to see if I would fit some Spiroloc joints for him. Over the next few years I did all his joint fitting. Now of course Dave has his own lathe. Dave has become a good friend, along with our wives we've been up to the UK championships in York a few times. We have a good look round York, a meal at Toto's a few beers and of course watch the snooker.

In around 2010, I started working with Eddie Mok, he had many contacts in Hong Kong and China, so I started making cues for him, he is now my sole agent and also a good friend.