From now on I am only making cues for my China and Hong Kong importer Mr Eddie Mok.

It has been brought to my attention that a few people are questioning the authenticity of my badges.

Over the years there have been a few changes made, the original badge was just a picture of a Robin with Robin Cues repeated around the outer edge, this badge was also larger than the present badge. Next came a picture of a Robin, perched on a snooker cue, again with text round the edge.

In late 2000 the new "Robin Logo" was produced for me by a graphic designer, the bird has stayed the same ever since. The first version with the new logo was still in the larger diameter.

The diameter was reduced to how they are now around 2004.  I have made a few badges with a different colour chest on the bird, these were specials and are few and far between, there are also some badges with the text in gold. The confusion has arisen from how the text has been presented. From 2004 the first badges with the new logo had "Handmade" as one word, these were made for a few years before I changed to the text I use now the latest version has "Hand Made" as two seperate words. Both badges are genuine,

All cues supplied through Eddie Mok are individually numbered and have a certificate of authenticity with them, these again have the same bird logo and are manufactured by me.